We at the Well Heeled Dog are first and foremost dog lovers.
We enjoy the time we spend being outside with your pet.

2hands_L1020513 2.png

We do not do pack walks.

This is where we are different. We feel strongly about walking dogs individually or in pairs.
Two hands, two dogs. In this way, we are able to maintain leash etiquette and basic training
and focus on the specific needs of your dog by pairing up with a buddy of similar temperament
and exercise requirements. We never walk more than two dogs at a time so the duration of your
pet's walk is never spent standing and waiting to pick up groups of dogs.

We do not do phone.

We do not talk or text on the phone.
We do not listen to music while we walk.
We do not spend half the walk taking shots for Instagram.
(Though we might steal a quick one).

We do not rush.

We do not race against the light or disobey pedestrian traffic signals.
We do not ride bikes on busy city streets with dogs trailing behind.
We maintain high safety standards at all times.

We get exercise!

We walk at a consistent pace so your dog is getting the full benefit of exercise.
We engage and give full attention to your dog during the walk.

We let them socialize.

We pair 2 dogs of similar temperament and activity level.
We believe dogs benefit from friendly, healthy, safe interactions
(just not 6 at a time on busy downtown streets).

We are accommodating.

We provide flexibility in scheduling and do our best to accommodate any changes.
We also can provide pick up and drop off service for grooming and doggy day care
appointments when requested.