With our dedicated team of knowledgeable and experienced dog walkers, you can be assured that your dog is well heeled and properly cared for.

get the attention and structure they require. Before they have all their shots, we may do home visits and slowly move them outdoors and allow them to acclimate when the time is right.

Seniors are able to walk at their own pace. We’ve seen hip issues. We know how hard the 4th floor walk up can be. We want to keep the wise ones feeling their best and will work with their individual needs.

Adolescents and younger adults get the benefit of a brisk walk, socialization, and light training reinforcement.

My dog has this ‘thing…’ We are willing to learn the quirks of your dog. Whether food-driven or skateboard manic, we want to know their ticks and how we can help mitigate any potential behavioral issues.

Weather issues. We are mindful of how extreme heat and salty winter streets can feel to your dog.
While we want them to get a brisk walk, we will never do it at the price of their health. We always practice good judgement in all extreme weather situations.

They really understand the personalities of each of their dogs and are able to care for them with their unique needs in mind. — JENNIFER SCISM